All classes are held at our studio in Blue Hill, unless otherwise stated.

All classes are dog-friendly and safe, meaning we will never use methods that incorporate the use of fear, force, pain, alpha rolls, prong, choke, or shock collars. Class size is small between, 4-6 dogs and all family members (including kids!) are encouraged to attend. We only use the most up-to-date, scientifically proven and humane methods to train you and your dog as efficiently as possible!

Because of our small class size, classes fill quickly, so register as soon as possible by stopping into the studio, or by calling 207-659-9547. Class payment is required at the time of registration. Without a registration form and class payment, we cannot hold a spot in class. You may withdraw from a class and receive a refund (minus a $25 handling fee) any time up until 10 days before the first class. After that, your registration fee is non-refundable. If you would like to observe a class or learn more about our philosophy before registering, please call 207-659-9547.

Puppy Club

We are so excited to offer FREE Puppy Club classes to all Blue Hill/Ellsworth area new puppy parents! This class has a focus on socialization, crucial at this age in preventing fear and related problems down the road, as well as helping you trouble shoot common puppy problems (puppy teeth, anyone?!) Puppy Club is offered on a drop-in basis, for dogs 8-18 weeks old, and you can attend as many classes as you want in that time period!

Although this class is free, please contact us before attending so that we can make sure the class is appropriate for your dog, and so that we know you’re coming!

Puppy Club runs every Thursday at 5:30pm

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

Don’t wait to train! Start your puppy off right with our six-week STAR puppy class. For dogs 6 months and under at the beginning of class, we’ll do so much more than just teach the basics: class will includes practical information about introducing your puppy to the world, house and crate training, what to expect at every developmental stage and socialization with the other puppies in class. We’ll show you how to train your pup (including sit, down, walking on a leash, and come) and set you up to confidently problem-solve issues that might come up in the future.

You will be tested on your skills throughout the class and by passing at the end of week 6, you’ll get an application to send to AKC® for enrollment in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program. All dogs are welcome to participate in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program including purebreds and mixed breeds.

Your puppy will also receive the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Medal. You and your puppy will be listed in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy records. Class meets for 6 weeks. Cost $120.

Winter Classes:

  • Tuesday, January 9th at 5:15pm (FULL)
  • Tuesday, February 27th at 5:15pm

Manners 1

Tired of feeling like you’re at the other end of a dog sled team? Want to be able to take your dog to the farmers market without them jumping all over everyone? Need to figure out how to get your dog to come when you really need him to? Manners 1 is the class for you! For dogs 6 months and older, this class will help you and your dog work as a team to conquer the big struggles of having an adolescent dog.
Class meets for six weeks, first week without dogs. Cost $155.
Winter Classes:

  • Saturdays, January 20th at 8:30am FULL
  • Saturdays, January 20th at 10:00am FULL
  • Mondays, February 19th at 5:30pm
  • Wednesdays, February 28th at 5:15pm
  • Tuesdays, March 6th at 10:00 am FULL
  • Saturdays, March 17th at 10am
  • Mondays, April 2nd at 5:30pm

Focus & Impulse Control Skills

Got some basic skills under your belt but still struggling with getting your dogs attention? Does your dog have little focus or self control? Does she know recall or stay but struggles when there are distractions around? This class will build on this skills your dog learned in Manners class and help her develop the self control necessary to take your training to the next level. This class is for dogs 5 months and older, who have completed another Salty Dogs class, or by instructor permission.
Class meets for four weeks. Cost $130.
Winter Dates:

  • Tuesdays, February 27th at 11:30am

Manners 2

Taking your basic obedience skills to the next level. Including mat training, walk away, drop it, focus work, leave it, heeling and adding distance and distractions to your obedience cues. Must have completed Manners 1 course for entrance (or by instructor permission).

Class meets for five weeks. Cost $155.
Winter Dates:

  • Wednesdays, March 7th at 6:30pm FULL

Canine Good Citizen Prep Class

The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program is designed to recognize dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. This program stresses responsible dog ownership for owners and training and good manners for dogs.  All dogs who pass the 10 step CGC test may receive a certificate and their first official title from the AKC. The class will prepare you to take the (optional) test at the end. Manners 1 & 2 required for entrance to class (or by instructor approval.)

Covered in class:

-Sit and down on cue and staying in place
-Coming when called
-Accepting a friendly stranger
-Appearance and grooming
-Walking on a loose leash
-Walking through a crowd
-Reaction to another dog
-Reaction to distractions
-Supervised separation
-Sitting politely for petting

Class meets for five weeks. Cost $155.

Winter Dates:

  • Thursdays, January 18th at 6:30pm FULL
  • Saturdays, January 27th at 12:00pm FULL
  • Thursdays, March 1st at 6:30pm

Scent Games

Sniffing and smelling is your dog’s most powerful sense, and one that she doesn’t get to use nearly as often as she’d like to! This super fun noseworks class gets your dog using her brain, builds confidence, and helps her get lots of physical and mental exercise. The perfect way to burn extra energy this winter!

Class meets for four weeks. Cost $100.
Winter Dates:

  • Mondays, January 15th at 6:30pm

Tricks Class

Winter is the best time to get your dog learning some cool new skills! Ward off cabin fever with this super fun, for week tricks class. Class will be tailored to the individuals in it and what tricks they already know (so everyone’s learning something new!) Tricks might include: take a bow, sit pretty, crawl, roll over, hoop jump, play dead, go to sleep, perch, wipe your nose, back up and more! We’ll use luring, shaping, and rewarding to teach your dog new things and you’ll leave with a handout with instructions to remind you how to do these tricks and several more!

Class meets for four weeks. Cost $100.
Winter Dates:

  • Mondays, January 15th at 5:15pm

Rocket Recall

Getting your dog to come when called is one of the most important things you can teach. This four week class will focus on getting that recall down solid and also teach what to do in an emergency. This is one of the most fun classes we teach and you’ll leave feeling like you and your dog are a rock solid team!

For dog friendly dogs only. Runs for 4 weeks, $130. 

Start dates:

  • Not until Spring!

Reactive Dog Class

Does your dog lunge, bark, growl, pull, or whine when seeing other dogs on leash? Does she get overaroused or frustrated in public? This 6 week class is designed to help your dog feel safe and relax in the presence of other dogs, and teaches you how to handle your dog to easily and safely move around others. The class will start with a humans-only orientation, and then follow with a one-on-one session to be schedule before the remaining 4 weeks as a group.

This class will be held mostly outside. Entrance into class with instructor permission only. Please call 207-659-9547 to discuss whether this is an appropriate fit for you and your dog. Cost $210

Start dates:

  • Not until Spring!