Welcome, Junior Dog Trainers!

Introducing our Junior Dog Trainer program! This program is designed to help kids start learning about dogs, including how to interact, respect, and live with our furry companions. Our program focuses on building a basic knowledge of enrichment, body language, and respect. We have 5 principles for our junior dog trainers to abide by. To get started on your Junior Dog Trainer journey, download the PDF through the link below, and once you complete the steps of Poppy’s Principles and fill out the pledge, send a copy to saltydogsmaine@gmail.com to receive more materials and information!

1. Learn to understand your dog’s body language

2. Add enrichment and joy to a dog’s life

3. Politely pass a dog on the street. Give them and their owner some space

4. Donate to a local animal shelter or rescue

5. Work with a parent or guardian to complete two items on the Canine Companions list

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can become a junior dog trainer?
Technically anyone can! But we’ve built this program with children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old in mind. Our certified trainers often visit schools for class and career day presentations with Poppy to visit these age groups.

How do I become a junior dog trainer?
Everyone can be kind to dogs, but to get in on the program, you’ll want to get your own copy of the Salty Dogs Junior Trainer Brochure, available as a printable download here or handed out by our trainers when they visit. Then you’ll send back proof of the signed pledge and completion of at least two Canine Companion tasks as outlined on the brochure.

What does the program entail?
When a child completes Poppy’s Principles and signs the pledge, email us a copy to be put on our Junior Dog Trainer List. Then you’ll get:

  • Junior Dog Trainer stickers
  • Coloring sheets
  • A monthly themed newsletter with games, challenges, opportunities to submit photos, new ways to work with your dog, fun trivia, and more
  • Discounts on classes and private training sessions
  • Handouts and resources
  • Special rates on any future child-centered classes and workshops
  • Opportunities to enter Junior Dog Trainer contests
  • More to come!

Does it cost anything?
Nope, our program is free and simply meant to encourage kids to learn how to have positive interactions with their dogs.

What if I don’t have a dog but want to be a junior dog trainer?
You can still join our program and help out with local rescues! Our brochure highlights more ways to help, whether it’s with your own dog or ensuring that a dog in a shelter is getting enough enrichment or food.

How can I schedule a presentation?
If you’re a teacher, librarian, 4H leader, or work group of children in another context, send us an email. We would love schedule a time to teach some new Junior Dog Trainers!